The Power of Coffee Compels Me
10:11 a.m.

Good morning, my little hampsters.

It occured to me the other day that I've lived in Tucson for two years. I sadly cling to Boston to the point where a friend I made recently said, "Two years? I thought you'd just moved here right before you had the baby!" I just this past month stopped getting Boston Magazine. I am a sad old addict, trying to let go.

Driving home yesterday, I was in one of those inexplicable good moods that are caused by nothing in particular. The weather was gorgeous (high 70s and sunny but not too sunny), Sam was entertaining himself cutely in his car seat (instead of wailing, which is a common use of car time), and I'd managed to run nearly all of my errands without him losing it. Then I saw that someone had tagged a saguaro with some uninspired graffiti. I think you'd have to be uninspired to tag one of these things with anything at all. They're these gorgeous old cactuses, and to get to the iconic point this one was at, they have to be at least 75 years old. In the two years (gag) I've been here, they've decreased noticibly from construction, and so that someon had tagged this one just highlighted that and pissed me off.

Then I saw what I think was a dead kitten on the side of the road. I didn't look too closely because I have a tendency to freak out about these things for years. Plus I was driving and the snowbirds are back and I don't have a death wish. I've decided it wasn't a kitten and it's more like the time I mourned this poor dead coyote on the side of the road for about a week until my husband pointed out that it was a cardboard box.

Then my mood turned back around because McDonalds put out a sign urging everyone to "Try A McGriddles!" I want to call them and say it's actually AN McGriddles.

Sam is still at that stage where sometimes he'll let me just plop him at my feet as long as I occasionally make faces at him and stuff. He just got fussy so I gave him one of his dad's shirts to drool on, and he's doing nicely with the assigned task.

Here's my boy!


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